Mohamed Brima Moigua

Mohamed Brima Moigua

Mohamed has provided consultancy services as freelance and part of consulting team in survey research; baseline assessment and project/programme evaluations; data management, analysis & reporting for several international NGOs and Government agencies including AVENIR HEALTH (USA); UNFPA; The Konterra Group (USA); NaCSA; IFAD; CRS; FAO; Save the Children; The World Bank; Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST); World Vision International Sierra Leone (WVISL); OXFARM GB; CARE International; etc. He has coordinated several survey researches and provided leadership in a number of studies in education, health, agriculture and livelihood projects.


Mohamed holds Master degrees in Economic Policy Management and Statistics. He is a survey research & project/programme evaluation expert. He has gained strong background in the fields of statistics, survey research and project/programme monitoring & evaluation for the past 15 years. He has also lectured for a number of years at the Njala University; taught courses in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

His key competencies and professional skills include: design, implementation and management of survey research (quantitative & qualitative); baseline assessment and project/programme evaluations (mid-term and final); survey sampling; design of survey tools/questionnaires; design and management of CAPI tools such as Survey Solution and Survey Monkey for data collection; complex survey data management, processing and analysis; use of statistical software packages (SPSS, STATA & SAS); statistical analysis including bivariate & multivariate data analysis, correlation analysis, ANOVA, logistic & multiple regression analysis, statistical comparison & significance testing; survey research report writing; project monitoring & evaluation; experienced in working with electronic data collection tools such as Systmapp, iForm, Survey Solution, Kobo Collect & ODK Collect; effective use of computer applications (Microsoft Words, Excel & PowerPoint).

Other skills include: teaching, training and facilitation skills; human capacity development through training; excellent teamwork and team management skills; ability to work for long and extra hours to meet deadlines; good ability to manage resources (human, logistics and finance); good human relationship and interpersonal skills; ability to work under pressure and in a busy environment; willingness to travel frequently and extensively; excellent driving skills.

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