KB Danso-Manu

Statistician and Data Processing expert


KB Danso-Manu

He has knowledge and experience with census data processing software (CSPro, REDATAM) demographic data analysis (Mortpak, PAS), statistical packages (SPSS, Stata) and projection programs. He also has experience in using mobile data collection systems (CAPI) such as Open Data Kits (ODK) and CSPro for Android. He has excellent project management and development of people; and excellent communication skills especially for transfer of knowledge.

KB holds a BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science and Statistics from the University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana (1982) and a MSc. in Information Systems Management from the University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom (2006).


KB Danso-Manu is a Statistician and Data Processing expert with hands on experience in the implementation of all phases in the conduct of population and housing census, large household surveys at both national and international arenas. He has over 27 years relevant experience in the field of Population and Housing Censuses and Household Surveys in developing countries. He has been involved in the implementation of five Population and Housing Censuses: (2021 Ghana Census; 2015 Sierra Leone Census; 2010 Ghana Census; 2000 Ghana Census; 1990 Cape Verde Islands Census) as well as the preparation of Census project documents for South Sudan (2014) and Ethiopia (2014).

KB worked with the Ghana Statistical Service for twenty-four (24) years and rose through the ranks to the position of Assistant Chief Statistician. He also worked with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as Technical Specialist, Census, in addition, he has had series of consultancy services with UNFPA and other international organizations.

KB has a good understanding and knowledge of standards, principles and practices of official statistics as well as a strong quantitative research and analytical skills.

He has experience in providing on-the-job training to research staff in data collection, data processing, data analysis and report writing. He has experience in the dissemination of census data and socio-demographic analyses to broad audiences as well as in motivating the utilization of data and results in development planning and policy issues; organization of focus group meetings to highlight key findings from Census reports.

He has had considerable experience in projects coordination: (i) Project Coordinator/Liaison Officer, Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS-4, 1998/99), (ii) Project Coordinator, Education Impact Evaluation Survey in Ghana 2003, (iii) Member of Census Coordination Team, 2010 Population and Housing Census of Ghana, (iv) a Project Coordinator, Ghana Living Standards Survey, (GLSS-6, 2012/13).

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