Angela Msosa is a demographer, with extensive experience in population censuses and household surveys in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. She has over 20 years’ experience working with the Statistical Offices and the UN supporting the phases of censuses and survey from planning to analysis. Early in her career, from 2000, she worked as a statistician at the National Statistical Office in Malawi until 2013 when she was the Chief Statistician for Demography and Social Statistics Division. She also worked with UNFPA Sierra Leone as a Technical Specialist for the 2013 Sierra Leone Demographic and Health Survey and as a Household Survey Expert for the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey with UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office. She also worked as the Census Liason Officer and the Census specialist for the 2022 Timor-Leste Population and Housing Census.

She has technical expertise in demographic data analysis and also training technical staff in data analysis, report writing and dissemination. She has supported thematic analysis of the 2008 Malawi Population Census and 2015 Sierra Leone Population Census. She has also supported report writing for 2013 DHS report, 2015 Sindh MICS report, 2015 Punjab MICS Report, 2019 Vietnam MICS report, 2019 Samoa MICS report among others.

She was also affiliated with the Health Research Institute at University of Canberra from 2016 to 2018 and was an academic visitor with the Demography Program at Australian National University in Australia during the same period.

She holds a Masters in Population Studies from Australian National University obtained in 2005 and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Chancellor College of the University of Malawi obtained in 1998

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